Complete 1966-1977 Bronco Body Assembly
Complete 1966-1977 Bronco Body Assembly

Complete 1966-1977 Bronco Body Assembly

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A fully assembled classic 1966-1977 Ford Bronco body assembly from CTS comes ready for body work and paint. Assembled in the USA using all brand new sheet metal stamped from tooling designed to OEM specifications. We build all our bodies to original specifications using modern methods which makes our bodies stronger than original. All panels are hand fit to ensure superior quality in fit and finish. 

Once complete all bodies are seam sealed prior to shipping.

Creating and shipping are available at an additional charge. Production times vary so please call our office for current projections. All orders require a minimum 50% to reserve a production slot.

CTS Complete Body Tubs Include the following:

  • "B" Pillers - LH&RH
  • Lower Cowl Panel
  • Side Cowl Panels
  • Front Cowl Side Extension Panels - LH&RH
  • Rear Cowl Side Extension Panels - LH&RH
  • Radiator Support V8, 66-77
  • Door Posts - LH&RH
  • Door Jams/Striker Post
  • Striker Post Brace
  • Dash Panel
  • Fender Aprons LH 7 RH
  • Complete Front Floor
  • Complete Rear Bed Floor
  • Fire Wall
  • All Floor Braces
  • Tank Filler Guards
  • Inner Fender LH
  • Inner Fender RH
  • Bed Stake - LH&RH
  • Quater Panels - LH&RH
  • Lower Outer Quarter Panels - LH&RH
  • Rocker Panels - LH&RH
  • Inner Rocker Panels - LH&RH
  • Tailgate Corners - LH&RH
  • Wheel House Filler plates - Front
  • Wheel House Filler plates - Rear
  • Inner Wheel Wells - LH&RH
  • Windshield Cowl Mount
  • Left Front Cowl Side Extension
  • Right Front Cowl Side Extension
  • Left Rear Cowl Side Extension
  • Right Rear Cowl Side Extension
  • Striker Post Brace Left
  • Striker Post Brace Right